Relapse Prevention

Our intensive Relapse Prevention Program is based on the Gorski CENAPS model and is designed for individuals who have had long term recovery and relapsed or for those who experience chronic relapses.

The program structure is 2 weekly groups and a weekly individual counseling session with one of our Professional counselors. We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for self- exploration and skill development. The requirement to enroll into the program is a 6 month commitment, 12 step meeting attendance, and to have a sponsor.
The core components of the program include:
• Recovery and Relapse redefined
• Grief and Loss
• Guilt and Shame
• Managing Anger and Stress
• Saying No/Setting Limits
• Communication
• Belief Systems/Value Clarification
• Co-dependency
• The Child Within
• Spiritual Transformation
Upon completion of the program, participants will have identified their own personal relapse progression, their stuck points, and will have interventions in place to prevent future relapse. They will have identified their core issues that trigger relapse and will have developed coping skills in their major core areas as well as an action plan to take with them