The intake is your first appointment to talk with a professional counselor about treatment and to ask any questions you may have regarding the treatment process. This is when the assessment is done to determine your unique treatment needs.

The intake appointment generally takes from 1-1 ┬Ż hours. It is recommended that you arrive approximately 15 minutes early to complete some paperwork prior to the assessment. If you have insurance, it is suggested that you bring your insurance card with you. If you are being referred to treatment by an agency or individual it is recommended that you bring any paperwork that has to do with the referring agency.

Towards the end of the intake appointment, the counselor will offer suggestions regarding treatment options. If outpatient treatment is the appropriate level of care for you, and you agree to treatment we will make a follow-up appointment for you. You will leave with information regarding next steps as well as where to find support until your next appointment.

If it is determined that another agency is more appropriate for your treatment needs, we will provide you with a referral and make the initial contact for you to assist you in accessing those services.