Gambling has rapidly become an acceptable and regular part of our society. Most Californians gamble for fun. They spend some of their free time in activities related to gambling. But for some….the gaming activities have become more than just a game.


Problem gambling can affect anyone regardless of age, economic background, ethnicity, or religious affiliation. There are many who will experience the negative impact/consequences as a result of this disease including: the gambler, their families and loved ones, their finances, the work place, and communities.


If you are living with a problem gambler it can be tough. Gambling addiction is such a hidden problem that families often don’t know what’s going on until it’s a desperate situation.

If you think you have a gambling problem, you probably do.Truthfully answer these 2 questions:
1. Have you ever lied about your gambling?
2. Have you ever Bet more than you intended?

If you are not sure you have a problem or if you are concerned about a loved one’s gambling contact us. One of our counselors can help you sort out your feelings. Know that you are not alone. We provide outpatient services, and if outpatient is not enough we can refer you to a qualified program.

Services are provided in a safe, confidential environment.