One in twelve full-time employees reports current use of illicit drugs. One of every ten people has an alcohol problem.
Drug and alcohol abuse affect productivity, product quality, absenteeism, health care, costs, and accident rates.
El Centro de Libertad provides a series of workshops to train supervisors to identify and refer angry, troubled, and drug-abusing employees. Our services include:

• Presentations to help supervisors detect performance problems that may indicate substance abuse
• Presentations on the health effects of alcohol and drugs — both illegal and prescription
• Brown bag lunch meetings where employees can learn how to help their children avoid involvement in substance abuse, and how to recognize signs of substance abuse
• On-site screening for drug and alcohol use
• Referrals to residential and other treatment programs
• Outpatient treatment at our office or your place of business

We can work directly with your company or with your Employee Assistance Program, EAP.
All of the above services are available in both Spanish and English.
Our experience with treatment and recovery can leave you free to manage your employees based on performance and productivity.

Executive Coaching


• Poorly handled anger, frustration, and resentment sabotage business productivity. When workers feel hostile towards other workers or management, morale decreases.
• In the workplace, anger may be directly expressed or come out “sideways”, passive-aggressively sabotaging cohesiveness and productivity. At its extreme, anger in the workplace can escalate to violence.
• Attending to workplace conflict is not simply “soft hearted” or humanitarian-it is prudent and good business planning. Studies show that up to 42% of employee work time is spent engaging in or trying to resolve conflict.
• The key to controlling anger is managing stress.

The Freedom Center provides Executive Coaching for anger and stress in the work place to businesses and their employees. Many companies will suspend an employee who acts out aggressively in the work place. This does nothing to solve the problem. Offering executive coaching to that same employee will directly address the problem, giving the employee an opportunity to develop skills so that ongoing issues can be better negotiated. This is a much better solution for company morale and productivity.

Our goal is to help companies improve their work culture, retain key personnel, and improve overall performance.


We currently accept MCE Health Coverage. Insurance companies which may cover services include Aetna, Healthnet, and Blue Shield.