Youth Services


The Freedom Center provides education in schools throughout San Mateo County. Our school-based services are small group modules that provide students with education about the dangers and consequences of substance use, indicators of possible substance use, and refusal skills. We also incorporate relevant topics that address bullying, self-esteem, communication, and anger management.

Assembly Presentations are provided to various schools upon request and largely focus on how to stay safe in situations where drugs and alcohol are present, how to talk to a friend in need of support, and community resources.

Parent Assemblies are provided upon request and include such topics as: current substances of use by young people, new designer drugs, how to talk with their youth about substances and other difficult topics, the teen brain and how it works, and community resources.

Healthy Decisions is a new program offered and is designed for middle school students. It was developed by our staff and the Redwood City Police Diversion Program. It has been approved to be used as an adjunct to Alternative to Suspension. It is provided at our Redwood City location and is a 2 day program: the 1st day is for students who attend a 4 hour workshop and the 2nd day is for students and parents.
For more information on these programs please contact us.