Comprehensive treatment services begin with an assessment, which is provided in a confidential and non-judgmental environment with one of our professional counselors. The purpose of an assessment is to gather information that allows us to identify your unique needs for treatment and helps us to match you with a level of care that will best provide for your needs. Consideration is given to cultural identity, past trauma, and/or sexual orientation so that together we may find the most appropriate pathway to healing.

We use an evidence-based assessment tool, the Addiction Severity Index (ASI), recognized by San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services that is used widely among treatment providers.

Assessment information includes:
• Work/social history
• Legal concerns
• Physical health
• Drug/alcohol use
• Mental health history
• Family/social relationships
• Strengths/supports
• Disabilities
• Cultural and linguistic needs
• Problem areas you are experiencing
We work with you in identifying problem areas in your life so that we may assist you in connecting to resources that would be helpful for you.

It is important to involve a family member or someone who else who will support you in your treatment in this process. You are the one who ultimately decides who you want to be involved in your treatment process.

The initial assessment is the foundation for your treatment goals. As we work together during your treatment experience, an ongoing assessment may help you identify new goals as you complete your initial treatment goals